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KozyBird Oasis™ provides a feather-friendly environment through the harshest winter conditions.


Don't let falling temperatures put the deep freeze on your birdwatching activities. Simply place this cleverly designed heater in any birdbath, plug it into a standard household outlet and extend a warm welcome to your feathered friends all season long.

There's no need to replace your existing birdbath. We ofer two popular heater shapes from which to choose. The 11" round is ideal for flat or small birdbaths, while the 14" crescent is well suited for those with a center island. Creafted of flexible thermoplastic materials, each conforms to the contours of the birdbath and allows access to surface water above the heater.


Benefits that are for the birds!


Unlike other birdbath heaters that use an exposed electrical element to warm the water, the KozyBird Oasis features a sunlight-absorbent polymer with a hermetically sealed heating element for years of safe, reliable use. An intricate network of heating wires permeates the entire surface of the product, assuring a life-saving source of open water dow to sub-zero temperatures. And it uses just 95watts/120 volts, so it costs just pennies a day to operate.

  • Thermostically controlled heater to prevent ice formation
  • Weather-resistant polymer material resists corrosion and scale, won't rot or crack
  • Easy to install - just place into the basin and plug in
  • Five-year material and workmanship warranty
Perhaps most important, your KozyBird Oasis is exceedingly safe to operate. The heater and thermostat are sealed in a single-piece polymer resin, eliminating risk of liquid penetration. There are no exposed electrical elements, so birds can walk on the heater in complete safety.

95 watts, 120 volts

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